To make a donation to Toymakers of East Lake, you may click on the “Donate” button below (secured PayPal processing) to pay by PayPal or credit card or you may make a check payable to Toymakers of East Lake and mail to:

ToyMakers of East Lake, 2690 Tanglewood Trail, Palm Harbor, FL 34685

Specific Toymakers Needs & Donation Requests:

All donations of cash or needed materials are greatly appreciated. If you wish to designate your donation for a specific purpose, include a request with your donation that it be used for a particular current or ongoing need. Cash donations are welcomed for the purchase of various supplies used in the production of children’s toys and for bicycle refurbishment.

List of items needed:

$30.00 will purchase enough wheels and axles to make 100 handmade toys, cars or trucks.

$150.00 will purchase 10 high quality band saw blades needed to cut out the toy designs.

$1,500.00 will pay the Toymaker’s utility bill for a year.

$9,500.00 will provide building expansion and work space for our growing population of volunteers.

Cash donations not labeled for a specific purpose will go directly toward purchases of toy making supplies such as dowels, flap sanders, drum sanders, sandpaper, wood glue, router bits, drill bits, paint supplies, child safety labels, decals, stickers, machine repairs, etc.

As a reminder, 100% of donations to Toymakers of East Lake go directly toward the process of making brightly painted, handmade toys for children designated by our hospitals and agencies. These financial donations pay for toy parts, shop supplies, utilities, toy making machinery and machine maintenance. We have no paid officers or staff and 100% of all administration and labor is provided by volunteers. If you have any questions about making a financial donation or donating your time (volunteering), click on “Contact” and give us a call to help “make smiles one toy at a time”.

Please consider a donation or volunteering with us today. Thank you for your support!

2690 Tanglewood Trail, Palm Harbor Florida 34685

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