2019 In Review…

At the Toymakers of East Lake, we are a family. We share the tears of loss, celebrate the holidays, and have parties. We build toys together, fix bikes together, and travel far and wide together. We take our gifts, talents, and determination to create things that brighten others’ days. It is hard to believe that just over a decade ago, this home (toy workshop) was started. Six volunteers came together with one goal in mind: make this world a better place. Thirteen years later, hundreds of volunteers- young and old- continue the mission. Time flies by so quickly and the world continues to rush on but pausing to reflect and relive the pleasant memories makes us realize how far we have come. The workshop has been renovated, housing the volunteers and toys with comfort and love. New volunteers have joined, forming priceless friendships that will last for years to come. We have continued to expand further and further, never-stopping until laughter and joy fills every corner of the earth. As we turn to the new year, to the new decade, nothing is certain. Nothing is certain except the promise we will keep making smiles one toy at a time. Thank you. Angela (Angie) Li Sophomore, Palm Harbor University High School You can see the video below by clicking on the link. Click on the image below to see video.

About Janet Helms

Janet Helms joined ToyMakers of East Lake in 2009. She has been on the board of directors since 2012 and has been an executive officer and vice president since 2013. She serves as chairman of the Open House and Silent Auction committee and manages inventory, purchasing, and deliveries to our charities/agencies.