ToyMakers putting a smile on a child’s face one toy at a time

PALM HARBOR – Laying in a hospital bed scared and lonely wondering what will happen next. Staring at
the wall waiting. Wishing you could be anywhere else.
Watching all the doctors and nurses run by and playing with the IV in your arm.
A nurse walks in with a hand-crafted wooden toy. The child’s face lights up with excitement. After being
stuck in this room for days he finally has a smile on their face.
The child’s family finds out that the toy was provided from ToyMakers of East Lake. A nonprofit
organization that makes hand-crafted wooden toys for sick and needy children, they also repair and
recycle bikes for children, returning military personnel and homeless working adults.
The toys are donated to agencies such as Tampa General Hospital, Ronald McDonald Houses, Johns
Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, clinics, homeless and abuse shelters. Read more of the article here.