Toys Donated to Louisiana Flood Relief

Toy drop off at Humana

Randy Shoemaker delivering toys to a local Humana Tampa office for Louisiana relief

In August, 2016, parts of southern Louisiana and Mississippi were hit with record rainfall rates that caused severe flooding. Many residents had their homes flooded and lives destroyed by this storm.

Randy Shoemaker, a ToyMakers volunteer since 2007, found out through his wife, Jennifer Shoemaker, that Humana, a leading health and well-being company and where Jennifer works as a Registered Dietitian, was helping with relief efforts in Louisiana. The company’s Humana Foundation donated $75,000 to Louisiana nonprofits to support flood relief efforts, and company associates were collecting donations to assist flood victims.

To help Humana’s efforts, Randy and Jennifer contacted Bob Helms, ToyMakers President, to see if ToyMakers would donate toys. Bob and the board approved the donation, and 100 toys were generously donated.

To get the toys to Louisiana, Randy delivered the toys to the local St. Petersburg Humana office, where Jennifer and other Humana associates accepted the toys and packed them for shipping to the Humana office in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Humana graciously covered all shipping costs to get the toys to those who need them most.

Associates at Humana offices expressed excitement to get the toys to help bring joy to children in a bad situation. Those who saw the toys were impressed by the craftsmanship and attention to detail that went into making the toys. The toys were distributed by Humana associates in Baton Rouge to local aid agencies who could help find families with the greatest need in the community.

About Janet Helms

Janet Helms joined ToyMakers of East Lake in 2009. She has been on the board of directors since 2012 and has been an executive officer and vice president since 2013. She serves as chairman of the Open House and Silent Auction committee and manages inventory, purchasing, and deliveries to our charities/agencies.